BULLET SOUL for Windows PC (Steam®)

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Soul Food for the Shooting Game Gourmet!


A brand-new recipe for the shooting genre which rewards survival through aggressive play.

Blending classic shooting game design with a solid dash of modern day bullet hell, this soul food dish has it all! Destroy enemies at close quarters to build your multiplier, and see their bullets rendered harmless.

Scour the stages for secret bonuses to push your score to even greater heights.

Bringing even more heat are Resonator: the moniker of aural wizards Kenji 'Itoken' Ito and Kohta Takahashi, setting fire to your speakers with their tunes.

Last but not least, Akio Watanabe lends his skills to the scene, bringing forth some fresh character designs.

The first port of this game since the Xbox 360 release in 2011 hits Steam complete with all DLC included and ready for play, giving 4 unique modes.


Mecha-warl, an empire of evil, who would use their military might to conquer space itself.

This is the tale of the brave few who stood against their threat.

The first, a lone space pirate who swore revenge when Mecha-warl killed his parents.

His name was Fugu Taiten Zenichi.

The second, a galaxy patrol officer forced to take on the mission of wiping out Mecha-warl.

Her name was Tenba Koukuu Yun.

The third, a brave king, recklessly declaring war on Mecha-warl to extend his own borders.

His name was Oudou Rakudo Sadahl.

The final member, a lone android, developed to oppose Mecha-Warl, continues its battle despite Earth’s defeat. Its name was Yuou Maishin Loop.

And so begins the struggle upon which the fate of space itself rests...

Game System

A vertically scrolling shooter controlled using the directional pad and three buttons.

Use the pad to move, tap shot or hold rapid fire to use Wide Shot’s reach or hold shot for the powerful Cross Shot. The bomb button launches a bomb, which can save you in a pinch, but come in limited quantities.

Defeating an enemy renders their shots harmless.

In other words, the key to success is not avoiding enemy fire, but rather destroying the enemies as quickly as you can. This is how an aggressive shooting game should be played!

  • Normal Mode

    3 different ships to choose from and a true final boss waiting at the end of the second loop.

  • Bancho Mode

    A single stage score-attack mode so you can perfect the game stage by stage.

  • Caravan Mode

    A timed score-attack mode to take you back to summers past.

  • Version B

    An extra ship to select and rebalanced game with emphasis on destructive fun.

  • Achievements and Trading Cards

  • Steam Leaderboards

    Each mode and ship have their own leaderboards with a filter for friends only.

  • Vertical Screen Mode

    Rotate your monitor for that authentic arcade shooting experience!


Hot Blooded Shooting
1-2 Local Co-op
7 Apr, 2017