STEINS;GATE Coming Soon for Windows PC (Steam®)

There are rumors of a strange 12th Theory that defies the will of God.

We found it by chance: The 12th Theory of Time Travel.

Rintaro Okabe, an eccentric college student,
spends his time developing peculiar gadgets with his small group of friends
in a makeshift laboratory in Akihabara.

One day he discovers that his latest invention can send emails into the past.
A worldwide conspiracy slowly unfolds with the fate of the world resting in Okabe’s hands.

What will Okabe choose?
  • Rintaro Okabe

    VA. Mamoru Miyano
    The story’s protagonist. A freshman at Tokyo Denki University, Okabe possesses an eccentric personality and adopts the persona of a mad scientist. He leads the Future Gadget Laboratory as Lab Member 001 and spends his spare time inventing useless and odd gadgets with his friends in a dinky makeshift lab.
  • Kurisu Makise

    VA: Asami Imai
    A genius who graduated from university at the young age of 18. Her studies and research have led to her being featured in one of America’s top academic journals and earning critical acclaim in her field. Kurisu tries hard to avoid showing any vulnerability to anyone and as a result shows a sensible and mature attitude. However sometimes a sarcastic and irritated side of her peeks through, especially when Okabe and Itaru keep calling her a “tsundere”. At heart, Kurisu is a very curious girl who can’t resist dedicating her time to science.
  • Mayuri Shiina

    VA: Kana Hanazawa
    A relaxed and easygoing girl who has been friends with Okabe since childhood. Mayuri has a soft manner of speaking and is always cheerful, carefree, and upbeat. Though she may not understand complicated matters or science theories, Mayuri enjoys spending time with her friends at the lab and having fun.
  • Moeka Kiryu

    VA: Saori Goto
    A part-time worker at the editing and production company Arc Rewrite. Moeka has difficulties communicating with people due to her reserved, quiet, and rather expressionless demeanor. As a result, her preferred method of communication is via text messages even if the person she is talking to is standing right in front of her. Moeka is searching for the legendary retro PC known as the IBN 5100.
  • Suzuha Amane

    VA: Yukari Tamura
    An energetic, if somewhat tomboyish, girl who loves cycling. She works part-time at the store underneath the lab and possesses a friendly yet perceptive personality. Surprisingly, Suzuha has a tendency to utilize complicated and uncommon words in casual conversation, perhaps on purpose.
  • Faris Nyannyan

    VA: Haruko Momoi
    A playful high school girl who works with Mayuri at the maid cafe Mayqueen Nyannyan under the professional name Faris. Claiming to have a special ability called Cheshire Break, she has the personality of a temptress who knows exactly how to manipulate your emotions. Faris also enjoys adding variations of “nya” into her speech pattern to boost her cuteness.
  • Luka Urushibara

    VA: Yu Kobayashi
    A 2nd year student at Hana Asagi University High and a classmate of Mayuri’s. Luka appears to be a very feminine, graceful, and polite young girl at first glance --except that he’s a guy. Given his very shy and trusting nature, Luka tends to be easily influenced by Okabe. Okabe has taken Luka as a pupil with the intent of brainwashing him into joining in on Okabe’s mad scientist delusions.
  • Itaru Hashida

    VA: Tomokazu Seki
    A classmate at Tokyo Denki University and friend of Okabe since high school, Itaru is a hardcore otaku who loves both 2D and 3D girls equally. Possessing a talent in programming and hacking, he assists Okabe with tasks at the Future Gadget Laboratory as a laboratory member.
  • STEINS;GATE is a visual novel adventure game where the story advances by reading text on the screen.
    Throughout the course of the game the player can affect the direction of the story
    with decision points using the “Phone Trigger” system.
    Observe the numerous endings of the many branching storylines of STEINS;GATE and find the truth.
  • The main character's phone can be brought up with the phone trigger key (“Z” and “C” on the keyboard.)
    Press the BACKSPACE button to put away the phone.
  • When a call comes in, you can press the phone trigger key (“Z” or “C” on the keyboard)
    to bring up the main character's cell phone.
    If the ENTER key is pushed while the cell phone is brought up, the call will be answered.
    You can choose to reject the call by pressing the BACKSPACE key.
  • When a new message comes in, you can press the phone trigger key (“Z” or “C” on the keyboard)
    to bring up the main character's cell phone. Press the ENTER key to be taken to the mailbox.
    You can select messages with the arrow keys, and press ENTER to view them.
    When there is a colored word in a message, you can select it and hit ENTER to respond to that message.
Science Adventure
1 player
9 Sep, 2016