PlayStation®4 Version
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive
Multiplayer Action
July. 23, 2015
USD $14.99
Offline 1-4, Online 2-4 (versus/co-op)


New skills and new abilities.
Brand new skills have been added for deeper character development!
  • Here are some of the new skills
  • Triple Jump
    Allows a third jump.
  • Air Dash Attack
    Allows the use of dash attacks in midair.
  • Shadow Attack
    Create shadows that attack on their own.
Gigantic hordes of enemies now flood the screen!
Use your new abilities to beat them all at once!
  • Huge numbers of enemies!
  • Sweep your enemies from one side to the other!
  • Huge numbers of items!
  • Chain your skills to get item drops!
  • Tons of effects!
  • Smooth multiplayer action!
  • Chaotic multiplayer is what defines Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds!
Fulfill the right conditions to open up secret routes!
You might just find items to unlock new skills!
  • Alternate routes are immediately apparent because the time of day changes to evening.
  • On alternate routes you will fight different types of enemies and acquire new equipment.
Combine two types of equipment to expand your tactical options!
  • Out Range Items
    Changes the Out Range attack activated by the R1 button
    (or the △ & ○ buttons at the same time).
  • Lightning Strike:
    A standard Out Range attack.
    It homes in on targets well, but its power is low.
  • Explosion:
    Explosive flames blow enemies away.
    It activates quickly, making it easy to use.
  • Ice Wall:
    Walls of ice thrust out from the ground.
    It surrounds your character, providing cover.
  • Meteor:
    Deals massive damage when it hits, which is based on chance.
  • Recovery:
    Restores health to you and your friends.
  • Aura Items
    Equip these items to trigger their effects.
    All players are affected during multiplayer.
  • EXP Plus:
    Increases the rate at which larger experience point items drop.
  • COIN Plus:
    Increases the rate at which larger coin items drop.
  • ATK Plus:
    Increases attack power.
    Effect can stack during multiplayer if multiple players have it equipped.
  • DEF Plus:
    Increases defense.
    Effect can stack during multiplayer if multiple players have it equipped.
Music from the nostalgic PSG sound generated is powered up by the PS4!
Incredible arrangements with 8 FM synthesis tones and 1 ADPCM tone!
  • Our love for old school games will never change.


  • WAKA
  • M
  • NAGI
Mikoto Nishina
Nana Mizuki
A college music major, with black hair and a large sword.
She's a standard character that's easy to fight with.
Waka Kumon
Miyu Matsuki
The eldest daughter and shrine maiden of the Kumon family, a clan of exorcists.
She specializes in long-range attacks with her naginata.
Itsuki Kouno
Akiko Hasegawa
A formerly-wealthy young lady turned maid, who yearns to become a hero of justice.
She's a power-type character who uses charges and spinning attacks.
Yuzuha Fujibayashi
Aiki Toyosaki
A lively high school girl descended from ninjas.
She's a speed-type character who can chain long combos.
Satomi Moriya
A character with a tricky attack style, also called
a Scavenger. Appears as an enemy.
Only usable in Arcade and Co-Op
Ai Matayoshi
A rush-type character who has intense charging skills.
Appears as an enemy.
Only usable in Arcade and Co-Op
Akeru Semi
A character who uses powerful projectile attacks to prevent
opponents from getting close. Appears as an enemy.
Only usable in Arcade and Co-Op
Nagi Kumon
Nana Inoue
Waka's younger sister who was kidnapped by the enemy.
She appears as a mind-controlled enemy.
Only usable in Arcade and Co-Op


This DLC allows you to use Frau Koujiro, a popular character
from "Robotic;Notes", in "Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds".
She can be played in all modes and adds new achievements to earn!
PS4 and PSVita version will support Cross Buy.
RELEASE:Nov. 18, 2016 PRICE:USD $5.99
This DLC lets you switch the BGMs of "Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds"
between the nostalgic PSG sound generator version,
and the gorgeous FM sound generator version.
PS4 and PSVita version will support Cross Buy.
RELEASE:July. 23, 2015 PRICE:USD $2.99
Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate, joins the cast.
Kurisu Makise will be available to play in Arcade, Co-Op and Battleground modes.
This DLC supports Cross Buy with the PS Vita version of the game.
RELEASE:July. 23, 2015 PRICE:USD $5.99