* The Xbox360 version of the game allows players to play with others around the world via XboxLive.
** The PS Vita version allows players to take advantage of the Ad-hoc functionality and play with friends locally. Or, take advantage of PlayStation Network, to play cooperatively, or versus with players from across the world.

Story mode

The mode which contained the direction by the conversation between characters, chose one character from four as MIKOTO, WAKA, ITSUKI and YUZUHA. First stage is tutorial.

Arcade mode

It is a through play from the 0 Stage and also score attack play, time attack play are possible.
Same as Story mode with out conversation, which can concentrate game.

CO-OP. mode

It is a cooperation play mode. Maximum of four persons.
The stage to start can be chosen if it was to the stage which finished.

Battle ground mode

Use trained character from Story mode and Arcade mode, able to participate 4P.Battle royal system.