Button Layout

  • PS vita
  • XBOX360
Directional Pad
Move Cursor / Move Character
Start Button
Square Button
Weak Attack
Triangle Button
Medium Attack
Circle Button
Heavy Attack / Confirm
Cross Button
Special Attacks / Cancel
L Button
Toggle Lane
R Button
Outrage Attack (** This move can also be activated by pressing the “Medium” and “Heavy” Attack buttons simultaneously.)
Circle+Cross Button
Enhanced Special / Super Attacks
Square+Triangle Button
Basic Control Cheat-Sheet
Forward Press the Directional Keys in the direction you wish to move.
Crouch Press the Directional Keys DOWN to crouch in place.
Jump Press the Directional Keys UP to jump. It’s also possible to jump diagonally.
Block Leave the Direction Keys in the NEUTRAL position, while not taking action will prompt the character to automatically block incoming attacks.
Crouching Block Press the Directional Keys DOWN, and do not perform any actions to block enemies’ low attacks.
Weak Attack A quick and weak jab.
Medium Attack A slightly slower and more powerful attack.
Heavy Attack A slower and heavy damaging attack.
Dash Press the Directional Keys in the direction you wish to dash TWICE in a row.
Toggle Lane Press the L Button to switch to the other lane.
(During Cooperative Play Only)
Revive an opponent who has been knocked out by rapidly pressing attack buttons nearby.
Generic Control Cheet-Sheet
Throw Close in on the opponent, and press a Direction + Heavy Attack simultaneously to throw your opponent.
Clash When opposing characters’ attacks or dashes collide, it will result in a "Clash".
Guard Break When one character continues to block attacks excessively, the block’s color will begin to change, eventually resulting in a "Guard Break".
When a character’s guard is broken, he or she will be vulnerable for a short while.
Back Attack When attacked from behind, press any one of the attack buttons to quickly turn around and counterstrike.
Back Step Hold down the "Special" Button, and input the BACK Direction relative to the character to perform a Back Step.
Outrage Attack
(Can be performed when the Burst Gauge is between 0 and 99%)
Press the Medium and Heavy Attack Buttons simultaneously to launch an Outrage Attack that homes in on the opponent.
OR, you can press the Outrage Attack Button, to perform the same attack.
Depending on how much Burst Gauge is available, the properties of the attack will vary.
Enhanced Outrage Attack
(Can be performed when the Burst Gauge is at 100%)
When the burst gauge has accumulated more than 100%, you can use an out-of-range attack.
Attack "out-of-range enhancement" can be reinforced by pressing the attack button + the middle attack. It can also activated by pressing a button and the out-of-range attack.
Throw Escape Press the command for a "Throw" when the opponent is about to throw you, in order to escape their throw.
Ukemi When attacked in mid-air, slammed to the ground, or when down, press any button to quickly get back up and recover.
Wake-up Action Press any button rapidly when downed, to quickly get back up.
Note that pressing the BACK Direction while performing this action will prompt a "Backward Wake-up".
Slip Shift Moments before the opponent’s attack hits you, press the Directional Key in the direction of the oncoming opponent.
If successful, your character will evade the opponent’s attack.
(Ground attacks only).
Reflection Press the "Special" Button before the opponent’s attack connects.
If successful, the opponent’s attack will be repelled, and he or she will be knocked off guard.
Emergency Mode When under heavy attack from the opponents, press the Special Button to escape.
Nonetheless, it will consume a little bit of HP, so be careful.
(This cannot be performed when the character has less than 25% HP.)