Skill Setup

Experience is accumulated by defeating an enemy, collecting items and other such actions, earning more constantly increases levels and skill points.
Use the skill points earned on the Skills Setup screen to adjust your skill parameters to your preference.
In addition it is possible to unlock new skills.
Unlocking new skills or increasing parameters is up to the player.

Offensive strength (ATTACK) If this value rises, offensive strength will increase.
Defense power (DEFENSE) If this value rises, defense power will increase.
Nimbleness (SPEED) If this value rises, each working speed will increase.
Dash attack A powerful attack can be delivered from a dash. Effectiveness changes dependant upon weak, middle or strong attack buttons.
High jump Jump higher than the usual jump. Push down then up quickly with the L stick or direction pad.
Double jump While jumping, push up on the L stick to execute.
Air throw Move close to the opponent while jumping to perform the throwing action during the jump.
Combo (Lv1, Lv2) Normal combo of skills is enhanced. Lv1 during the attack, Lv2 can use a strong attack.
Guard Cancel Allows the following actions while guarding the opponent's attack.
Guard cancellation finisher (burst gauge 50% consumption)
Guard cancellation reinforcement finisher
Guard cancellation phantom break
Counter bursts (Lv1, Lv2) Press and hold the SP button to perform a "Counter Burst" poised attack during cancellation trigger. At Lv2 it becomes an attack that cannot be defended against.
*Usage will consume 0-25% of your burst gauge.
Critical Burst When the burst gauge is 200% and counter burst is at it's maximum level, you can perform an unblockable attack that flings your opponent against the ground and the wall.
Special skill (Lv1, Lv2) Using the L stick and SP buttons, or the L stick and weak attack button + SP button at the same time, each character's unique special moves can be triggered. Performance and power of the technique depends on the button combination (L stick + weak attack + SP or L stick + SP.) Lv2 skills overall performance increases.
A reinforcement finisher Pushing the L stick and strong attack button +SP button together will execute a strengthened "reinforcement finisher". Burst gauge must be 100% to use.
A super finisher (Phantom Break) It is the strongest attack that can give large damage to the opponent. Burst gauge must be 200% to use.
OverDrive (Lv1, Lv2) Can continuously attack and slows the movement of the opponent and fires, until the effect expires. Duration is extended in Lv2 and attack speed is increased further. Consumes all the burst gauge when used.