Button Layout

  • PS vita
  • XBOX360
START button
A button
Confirm / SP button
B button
Cancel / Strong attack button/dd>
L stick or Direction pad
Move Cursor or Move Character
X button
Low attack button
Y button
Middle attack button
LB button
Line Movement button (*Input L stick into the lower direction consecutively twice)
RB button
Out range attack button (*Input Y+B button simultaneously)
L trigger
Special move button (*Input B+SP button simultaneously)
R trigger
Over drive / Emergency button (*Input X+Y button at the same time)
Basic operation reference
Forward Use L stick to control direction of movement.
Crouch down Input L stick below to crouch down in the place.
Jump Input L stick upside to jump. Also a slant jump is possible.
Guard Set L stick neutral and not make any action, prevent attack.
Crouch guard Input L stick lower side and not make any action, prevent lower step attack.
Low attack Give quick attack.
Middle attack Give an attack with the power than a low attack.
Strong attack Give an attack with the power than a middle attack.
Dash Input L stick forward twice continuation, quick move forward.
Move in line depth Input L stick lower side twice continuation, move to opposite line depth.
*Input line depth move button, also can move in line depth.
Resurrection A friend can be revived by repeatedly pushing the attack button near the friend who is unable to fight.
*Only at the time of mutual play mode
Applied operation reference
Throwing Approach enemy and input L stick+Strong attack button can throw a enemy.
Cancel out When a dash or the attack of each characters clash, it becomes the offset state.
Guard break Guard break: When continuing guard the attack, guard effect color becomes change then guard breaks occur.It becomes defenseless condition certain period of time, while guard breaks occur.
Back attack Exercise a "back attack" by pushing one of attack buttons at the moment of receiving an attack from back.
Back step With the SP button pushed, if L stick is put in the reverse direction the character is facing, a "backstep" will be performed.
Out Range Attack
(Consumes 0-99% of burst gauge)
Using the middle attack button + strong attack button together releases "an out range attack" with a homing cartridge.
Pushing an out range attack and a direction button also moves.
*Performance based on quantity in the burst gauge.
Out Range enhancement attack
(Consumes 100%- of burst gauge)
When the burst gauge has accumulated more than 100%, you can use an out-of-range attack. Attack "out-of-range enhancement" can be reinforced by pressing the attack button + the middle attack. It can also activated by pressing a button and the out-of-range attack.
Throw escape If you input a throw at the same time your opponent does, you can jump out of the throw of the opponent.
Passive If attack in the air and slammed into a wall, push down and any button to quickly recover.
Rising action Push any button repeatedly while down and you will rise quickly. Moreover, it will become a "back rising" if pushed in the reverse direction that the character is facing.
Slip shift Immediately prior to the opponent's attack, push the L stick toward the opponent.
If Successful, avoid the opponent's attack.
*Ground only
Reflection The SP button is pushed just before receiving an attack from opponent. If it successful, oponents's attack is reversed and staggers the opponent.
Emergency mode During the opponent's attack, push SP button will trigger the emergency escape technique. However, a fixed quantity of stamina gauge will be consumed.
Moreover, unless the physical strength gauge remains 25% or more, it cannot be used.