Sub Characters (operable in CO-OP. mode and Battle ground mode)

  • Kurisu Makise

    CV. Asami Imai
    The guest character from "Stein's Gate". Participates in the war without fully understanding the situation. The characters fight in technical cooperation.and attacks have the ability to add future gadgets and lab men.

    Special Moves

    Future gadget 1 / →+SP button / shoots a small bit particle beam cannon.
    Future gadget 5 / ↓+SP button / Flame emission attack from a vacuum cleaner dryer.
    Future gadget 4 / →→+SP button / The skill to set an antipersonnel mine after a bodily crash, and to blow up.

    Super Finishing Move (Phantom Break)

    Selection of the Stein's Gate / Strong attack buttons + SP button / Strong technique for making space satellite crash.